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    The cloud people

    On the island of Barbados, in the Caribbean, a large cloud observation campaign is taking place. Scientists from all over the world are mobilized.
    polder pays bas ESA

    Welcome to the Anthropocene

    Polders in Netherlands (ESA) Earthquakes triggering, massive production of new materials, accelerated evolution pf living species, soil erosion, high nitrogen and CO2 monumental emissions… Human activities are said to […]

    The Ungemach experiment, a eugenics history

    In 1924 Strasbourg inaugurated a neighbourhood for couples ‘healthy and fertile’. A peculiar eugenics experiment.

    Here I’m not gonna die

    A medically supervised drug consumption site has opened in Paris. They come here to inject themselves but also to rest, take care of their bodies, exist in the eyes of others.

    Searching for Planet 9

    At the edge of our solar system supposedly lies an immense planet. Five to ten times the size of the Earth. Several international teams of scientists have been competing […]

    So human

    Tetraplegics experiment electrical stimulations or exoskeletons and discover the thin border between the man ‘repaired’ or ‘augmented’.

    Behind Artificial Intelligence

    After many years of promises about the Artificial Intelligence, the programmers themselves alert us.

    Stitch by stitch

    Twenty-five years after the end of the siege of Sarajevo, Nicolas Mingasson is off to meet some women who knit. There are hundreds of them in Bosnia, working for […]

    Le moindre risque

    The first supervised drug consumption site has opened in Paris, questionning the society.

    Environnement chromatique,
    the story of a creation

    Intimate portrait of the Franco-Venezuelan artist Carlos Cruz-Diez as he creates a new piece of art.

    Rosetta, Memories of a comet

    The film recounts the unique space adventure of the Rosetta mission on the comet Chury.

    The singular tale of Einstein and General Relativity

    The unknown story of Albert Einstein famous theory of General Relativity, which has been praised, attacked, forgotten and rediscovered during the 1960’s.

    Rosetta comet chaser, a journey to the origins of life

    At the heart of the Rosetta mission, an ambitious European space adventure to study comets, archives of our solar system.

    The negotiation

    Replay of the 2009 Copenhagen climate conference with students : a scientific experiment to better understand those negotiations.