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  • Le moindre risque

    a film by Cécile Dumas and Edie Laconi

    A medically supervised drug consumption site has opened in Paris. This new place is fuelling the difficult cohabitation of two worlds, that of the inhabitants of the neighbourhood and that of the most precarious and marginalised drug users.
    Inside, we see the impact of the health and social work carried out by educators and nurses on the life of the users.
    Outside, we follow the public debate between local residents, associations and public authorities.
    What do the issues raised by this experiment teach us about French society’s relationship to drug addiction and hence its relationship to difference?

    A 70-minute version of this film also exists : Here I’m not gonna die.

    Fiche technique
    Authors & film directors : Cécile Dumas & Edie Laconi
    Editing : Charlotte Tourrès
    Photography : Edie Laconi
    Sound : Cécile Dumas
    Production : Look at Sciences
    Coproduction LCP-Assemblée nationale
    Participation : CNC, région Ile-de-France, Mildeca
    Procirep – Angoa Société des producteurs, Ministère des Solidarités et de la Santé; Direction générale des Patrimoines du ministère de la Culture.
    Diffusion : LCP-Assemblée nationale, 2019