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  • Here I’m not gonna die

    a film by Cécile Dumas and Edie Laconi

    A medically supervised drug consumption site has opened in Paris. Many are only passing through. Some stay a while. Among them are Marco, Cilo, Julie, Hervé… who go there daily. It’s a shelter from the violence of life on the streets. They come here to inject themselves out of sight of others but also to rest, take care of their bodies, exist in the eyes of others. And talk a little.
    “Here I’m not gonna die”, smiles Marco. “On the street, I’m practically invisible”, says Jeff, describing his life on the streets. “I’ve become sociable again”, confides Baguette.
    Outside, signs stuck on the windows saying “no to the fix room”, remind us that not everyone welcomes this place.
    Inside, life gets organised. Sometimes the trivial aspects of daily life get the upper hand.These men and women’s words give us an insight into the humanity that is often denied them.

    – Festival du film social La 25e Image : Prix UNAFORIS (Union nationale des associations de formation et de recherche en intervention sociale) – octobre 2020


    Selections :
    – REEL Recovery Film Festival, 6-12 novembre 2020 (New-York, Los Angeles, USA)
    – Festival Les monteurs s’affichent, 2020 (Paris).
    – Festival international du film documentaire Cinéma du Réel 2019, (Paris).
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    A different  52-minute version of the film also exists, Le moindre risque


    Fiche technique
    Authors  & film directors: Cécile Dumas and Edie Laconi
    Editing: Charlotte Tourrès
    Production: Look at Sciences
    coproduction LCP-Assemblée nationale
    With the CNC, région Ile-de-France, Mildeca,
    and Procirep – Angoa, du Ministère des Solidarités et de la Santé, de la Direction générale des Patrimoines du ministère de la Culture
    Distribution : Les Alchimistes

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    Photography: Edie Laconi
    Sound: Cécile Dumas
    Sound editing and mix: Amélie Canini
    Color grading: Magali Marc
    Producer: Vincent Gaullier
    Production manager: Mathilde Renard