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  • The cloud people

    A film by Iulian Furtuna & Marius Léna

    At the beginning of the 20th century, a Japanese scholar, Abe Masanao, devoted his life to filming and studying clouds around the world. A century later, as if in echo, major campaign of observation of the clouds takes place, on the island of Barbados, in the Caribbean. Scientists from all over the world are involved.
    What do we know about clouds? About their birth and death? About their role in climate change? So little.
    Through the successes and failures of the campaign, Barbadians and climatologists explore the fascination that clouds inspire.

    With the participation of Max Planck Institute for Meteorology / Laboratoire de Météorologie Dynamique / Institut de physique Simon Laplace / Ecole Polytechnique.

    Creative team :

    Authors-directors : Iulian Furtuna & Marius Léna
    Photography and sound : Iulian Furtuna & Marius Léna
    Editing : Alexandre Westphal
    Production : Look at Sciences
    Producers : Vincent Gaullier and Sophie Carion
    Co-production : Compania Fortuna

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    Production manager : Mathilde Renard
    French voice : Iulian Furtuna
    English voice : Alison Sealy-Smith
    Sound editing : Thomas Robert
    Sound Mix : Vincent Pateau
    Calibration : Romain Pierrat
    VFX : Pierre Magnol
    Voice recording : David Boire & Thomas Robert