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  • The negotiation

    A film by Vincent Gaullier and Laurent Salters

    In 2011,  a group of scientists organised at Sciences Po, the university based in Paris, an impressive reenactement of the 2009 Copenhagen climate conference . Over 200 students played the role of negociators after 6 months of preparation. The goal: trying to understand how and why climate talks fail.  After 2 days of talks, the conference stalls. Students cannot fulfill the climate equation. Are they going to finally come to an agreement ? Can students find different path for negotiations? Will fiction overcome reality?


    Fiche technique
    Film directors: Vincent Gaullier et Laurent Salters
    Editing : Pauline Dairou
    Production : Look at Sciences
    Avec la participation de France Télévisions, du CNC et de l’Iddri
    2012 – 54 minutes
    Broadcasting : France 5