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    Shell shock

    Gathered in the Mercantour Park, soldiers suffering PTSD break their isolation, and question their future.

    Here I’m not gonna die

    A medically supervised drug consumption site has opened in Paris. Many are only passing through. Some stay a while. Among them are Marco, Cilo, Julie, Hervé… who go there […]

    The Ungemach experiment, a eugenics history

    ©Jean-Jacques Lonni – Lookatsciences In 1924, an idyllic house and garden complex known as “Ungemach” is inaugurated in Strasbourg. It welcomes couples whose lifelong project was to found a […]

    Operation planet 9

    At the edge of our solar system supposedly lies an immense planet. Five to ten times the size of the Earth. Several international teams of scientists have been competing […]

    So human

    Victim of an accident, “new” quadriplegics realize the inadequacy of the society faced with the handicap. They then seek to recover their motor functions by all means, by experimenting […]

    Re-Activation, the art of gesture

    The choreographer Daniel Larrieu, 35 years after the Romance en stuc‘s première, during Avignon Festival, re-creates this elusive play. He invites the performers and creators from that time, works […]

    Stitch by stitch

    Twenty-five years after the end of the siege of Sarajevo, Nicolas Mingasson is off to meet some women who knit. There are hundreds of them in Bosnia, working for […]

    Environnement chromatique,
    the story of a creation

    As he creates a new art work, Environnement chromatique, meant for the parvis of the Pompidou Centre in Metz (France), the Franco-Venezuelan artist Carlos Cruz-Diez tells us about the […]