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  • Skin deep fairytale

    a film by Pierre Oscar Lévy

    Archaeologist Olivier Weller and his team decided to conduct a dig at one of the locations where Jacques Demy shot several scenes from his film Donkeyskin (Peau d’Âne) : the cabin where Catherine Deneuve hides out, the clearing where Delphine Seyrig welcomes her goddaughter…  Sets and props are long gone but pearl-beads, nails, sequins and other traces are revealed at the first tentative scrapings of the surface. Following that survey, Skin Deep Fairytale tries to approach the magic of film-maker Jacques Demy’s work, the charm of Charles Perrault’s text, the tale’s power of fascination, whose origins go back to oral tradition.
    Are we researching the story, or is it researching us? The quest of our film archaeologist goes much farther and deeper that he would have imagined himself.


    English version available.

    Liste Technique
    Film director : Pierre Oscar Lévy
    From an original idea : Olivier Weller
    Photography : Jean-Jacques Bouhon – AFC
    Editing : Isabelle Martin
    Sound : Xavier Griette
    Music : Antoine Duhamel © Sidomusic B. Liechti & Cie
    Production : Look at Sciences
    Producer : Vincent Gaullier
    Coproduction : Universcience, Ciné Tamaris, Laboratoire Trajectoires (CNRS – Université Paris 1) et Vidéo de Poche
    Participation : CNC – Fonds Nouveaux Médias – Amcsti
    Région Ile-de-France; Investissements d’Avenir
    Distribution : Shellac

    Prix du meilleur film pour la recherche créative, Festival International du Film d’Archéologie Icronos, Bordeaux 2018
    Prix du public, Festival du film d’Archéologie, Clermont-Ferrand 2017
    Mention spéciale du jury, Festival international du film d’archéologie, Rovereto (Italie) 2017