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  • So human

    a film by Marina Julienne & Raphaël Girardot

    Infrarouge - France 2

    Victim of an accident, “new” quadriplegics realize the inadequacy of the society faced with the handicap. They then seek to recover their motor functions by all means, by experimenting electrical stimulations, exoskeletons and other prostheses. Some of these volunteer are training for the first international competition for disabled people equipped with bionic prostheses – the Cybathlon. Day after day, they discover and discuss the narrow border between the “repaired man” to whom they aspire, and “the increased man” desired by a society of performance and transcendence.

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    Fiche technique
    Film directors & authors: Marina Julienne et Raphaël Girardot
    Editing: Barbara Bascou
    Production: Look at Sciences – 2017
    Coproduction : CNRS Images and Lyon Capitale TV
    With France Télévisions, Région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and CNC,  Procirep – Angoa
    Duration: 61 minutes

    Tënk, spring 2019
    Infrarouge (France 2) 2019

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    Photography: Raphaël Girardot
    Sound: Marina Julienne
    Original music: Yiannis Plastiras
    Sound editing: Raphaël Girardot
    Sound mix: Jean-Marc Schick
    Effects & animations: Cyril Valroff, Manu Raoufi
    Credit design: Naji El Mir
    Color grading: Marius Tavernier
    Photography: Edie Laconi, Laurent Salters
    Editing assistant: Emmanuelle Gachet
    Producer: Vincent Gaullier
    Direction of production: Mathilde Renard
    Scientific advisor: Jean-Michel Besnier (Institut des sciences de la communication CNRS/Paris-Sorbonne/UPMC)


    Prix Roberval 2019
    Prix du Jury citoyen – Festival Sciences en lumière 2018
    Coup de cœur du Jury professionnel – Festival Sciences en lumière 2018


    Festival A nous de voir 2019; Festival international du film scientifique Pariscience 2017 ;  Traces de vies 2017 ; Festival Scientifique de la Réunion 2018, Résistance 2020