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  • Welcome to the Anthropocene

    The footprint of human activities on our planet has become so large over the last few decades that we humans have become the driving force behind a new geological ‘epoch’ called the Anthropocene. We would have entered into competition with natural forces, such as volcanism or a meteorite fall, to change the Earth’s climatic and environmental trajectory.
    Proving this reality is at the heart of an international scientific initiative launched over 15 years ago and involving several teams of oceanographers, geologists and climatologists on missions around the planet. While following the teams in the field, our film focuses on the last few months of research, but also of political and social debate around this notion.

    By documenting all the facets of the Anthropocene, this film gives us a better understanding of the study of the Earth and the way in which we are changing the course of its history, as well as questioning our place on the planet.


    A film by Cécile Dumas et Cédric Defert
    Directed by Cédric Defert

    Production: Look at Sciences & Arte France – 2024