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  • Environnement chromatique,
    the story of a creation

    Un portrait de Carlos Cruz-Diez

    As he creates a new art work, Environnement chromatique, meant for the parvis of the Pompidou Centre in Metz (France), the Franco-Venezuelan artist Carlos Cruz-Diez tells us about the singularity of his work : a relationship to colour that puts the spectator at the centre of a very personal interaction. An intimate portrait of this 95-year-old artist, central figure of optical art and precursor of street art, who died in the summer of 2019.

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    Data sheet:
    Director: Laurence Serfaty
    Editing: Anne-Marie Sangla
    Photography: Jérôme Colin et Bruno Soupart
    Sound: Emmanuelle Villard
    Format : 30′
    Production : Cruz-Diez Art Foundation / Look at Sciences (2018)

    Museum – october 2019

    Art film Festival 2019 (Poland)