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    The Ungemach experiment, a eugenics history

    In 1924 Strasbourg inaugurated a neighbourhood for couples ‘healthy and fertile’. A peculiar eugenics experiment.

    Here I’m not gonna die

    A medically supervised drug consumption site has opened in Paris. They come here to inject themselves but also to rest, take care of their bodies, exist in the eyes of others.

    Re-Activation, the art of gesture

    35 years after the premiere of ‘Romance en stuc’ in Avignon, choreographer Daniel Larrieu recreates the play by inviting the actors of the time.

    L’aventure Charcot

    du Havre à l’Antarctique

    Jean-Baptiste Charcot est une figure emblématique de l’exploration polaire. Chef de quatorze expéditions en Antarctique et en Arctique, il a repris le flambeau de Dumont d’Urville pour le passer […]

    Behind Artificial Intelligence

    After many years of promises about the Artificial Intelligence, the programmers themselves alert us.

    Portraits from the Arctic

    Ethno-photographic mission in the Taimyr Peninsula, beyond the Arctic Circle, where the Dolganes live.

    Skin deep fairytale

    An archaeologist digs where Jacques Demy shot several scenes from his film Donkeyskin, between the magic of cinema and the charm of tales.