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  • Portraits from the Arctic

    An ethnographic mission in the Dolganes' land.

    Photo by Nicolas Mingasson

    The Taimyr Peninsula is located in the far north of Siberia, beyond the Arctic Circle. This is where the Dolganes live. The young ethnologist Yann Borjon Privé went to study them. Pavel, reindeer breeder, Alexsandra, retired veterinarian, Mickail fisherman, Zoïa, nurse, … eight Dolganes tell him about their current and past lives. A serial of portraits where archival photographs summon the word. Changes with cultural, environmental, social and economic changes in this most northerly nomad population of the globe.

    Fiche technique
    Direction, photography & sound: Nicolas Mingasson
    Co-direction: Vincent Gaullier
    Editing : Charlotte Tourres
    Production : Look at Sciences (2014 ; 2017 version unitaire)
    Coproduction : Universcience, Observatoire photographique des Pôles; CNRS Images
    Participation : AMCSTI, Investissements d’avenir, Nikon, Fondation Obélisque
    Duration :  8 x 8min ;  49 min
    Broadcaster : Universcience.tv, Ushuaïa TV, Musée de l’Homme

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