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  • A cyberpsy on social media

    Fanta lives with her “real family” on the social network of Fortnite, her favourite online game. Wartherapy confides on YouTube how the ghost of his deceased father reappeared on […]

    The Ungemach experiment, a eugenics history

    In 1924 Strasbourg inaugurated a neighbourhood for couples ‘healthy and fertile’. A peculiar eugenics experiment.

    Here I’m not gonna die

    A medically supervised drug consumption site has opened in Paris. They come here to inject themselves but also to rest, take care of their bodies, exist in the eyes of others.

    Re-Activation, the art of gesture

    35 years after the premiere of ‘Romance en stuc’ in Avignon, choreographer Daniel Larrieu recreates the play by inviting the actors of the time.

    Searching for Planet 9

    At the edge of our solar system supposedly lies an immense planet. Five to ten times the size of the Earth. Several international teams of scientists have been competing […]

    So human

    Tetraplegics experiment electrical stimulations or exoskeletons and discover the thin border between the man ‘repaired’ or ‘augmented’.

    L’aventure Charcot

    du Havre à l’Antarctique

    Jean-Baptiste Charcot est une figure emblématique de l’exploration polaire. Chef de quatorze expéditions en Antarctique et en Arctique, il a repris le flambeau de Dumont d’Urville pour le passer […]

    Bernard Palissy :
    sur les pas d’un expérimentateur de génie

    Verser l’argile en poudre dans un récipient, ajouter de l’eau, mélanger jusqu’à obtenir une pâte visqueuse, puis élastique ; malaxer les pâtes ainsi obtenues avant de les étaler au […]

    Stitch by stitch

    Twenty-five years after the end of the siege of Sarajevo, Nicolas Mingasson is off to meet some women who knit. There are hundreds of them in Bosnia, working for […]

    Environnement chromatique,
    the story of a creation

    Intimate portrait of the Franco-Venezuelan artist Carlos Cruz-Diez as he creates a new piece of art.

    L’aventure des pôles

    Jean-Baptiste Charcot, commandant de deux expéditions en Antarctique, douze en Arctique, grand humaniste et navigateur hors-pair, a été un visionnaire sur l’importance des pôles pour notre planète et sur […]